Architectural Services

Design, Drafting & more:

Services Provided:

– Site and Code Analysis.
– Project Design – Design Review as required.
– Construction Documents – Drawn in Autocad format.
– Graphics – Manual and/or Computer generated.
– 3D Modeling – Three Dimensional Computer Generated Massing Models for building and site.
– Consultant Coordination.
– Agency Processing.
– Construction Administration.

CHA Process:

Design is a process. The process begins with ideas and inspiration. Both from the client and the CHA team. In the beginning, the visions are rough and very broad. These ideas are developed and the project is fine tuned through five phases. Together with the owner and associated consultants, the initial vision is brought to reality.

CHA Phases:

1. Pre Design 2. Schematic Design 3. Design Development 4. Construction Documents 5. Construction Admin.

Pre Design:

– Develop and evaluate a program (your wish list).
– Conduct a site analysis.
– Verify codes and project parameters.

Schematic Design:

– Design conceptual Site Plan and Floor Plan layouts.
– Design a conceptual Roof layout and Character Elevation.
– Review and evaluate with the Client and revise as necessary.

Design Development:

– Refine the scale and character of the project in Autocad.
– Involve Client’s and CHA consultants as required.
– Prepare refined Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations Roof Plan and Sections.
– Prepare 3D Massing Model if necessary.
– Review the above with Client and refine as necessary.
– Provide progress sets for bank, pre bidding, etc.
– Provide drawings, documents and material samples for design review if required.

Construction Documents:

– Prepare Architectural Construction Documents.
– Coordinate completion and integration of Consultant documents.
– Prepare Documents for submittal to governing agencies.
– Address Building Department plan check comments.

Construction Administration:

– Be available for consultation and interpretation of CD’s.
– Provide periodic site visits throughout project construction.
– Monitor project for design intent.

Project Success

Communication between Client, Architect, Consultants and the Builder is the key to a successful project! CHA uses the 5 phases outlined above to keep the team players on track. Everyone’s participation is essential in order to achieve the Client’s vision and bring the project to life.